Adjusting in August

August is summer’s last glory- hot, humid days dripping with golden sunshine. Gardens and parks overflowing with blooms and butterflies. Children delighting in cool treats and warm evenings, making every moment count before they have to fill their backpacks with pencils and notebooks.

There’s something about this month that eases us into the fall. It gently moves us from hazy hammock days to afternoons filled with plans and projects. It’s a month of preparing for transitions, for anticipating change. It’s a month that requires us to soak up every moment of summer, basking in its scents and sounds- from the cicadas humming at night to the scent of firewood burning.

Take every moment and hold it like a gem.

A tiny writing prompt:

Three Questions

What do I intend to achieve this August?

What do I want to let go of by the end of August?

What will I  take with me?

Write these questions in your journal, and respond in a way feels authentic to your creative process. Draw, collage, paint, write…the list goes on. Have fun with it (and feel free to send me a note to share your process).

And if you want to take your writing further, join me at Writing Ritual, my second workshop offering at Artscape Youngplace. We’ll be exploring our daily rituals, from the mundane to the magical. Click here for details  & to register.

Hope to see you there.

Wishing you an abundant August,


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