In communities and schools:

With a strong foundation in arts education pedagogy and equity-based learning, I believe that everyone has a creative voice, waiting to be developed. I will work closely with your organization to develop workshops t

hat are relevant, accessible and creatively challenging.

With a firm grasp of the Ontario curriculum and the inquiry-based learning model, I support teachers in developing a growth mindset with their students, tailored to engage students’ multiple intelligences.

In creative mentorships:

With compassion and commitment, I will work to encourage, develop and sharpen your creative writing skills. I will work with you to develop your potential and guide you through challenges and roadblocks during the creation process.


Through artistic exchanges:

With over a decade of experience in curating events and collaborating with artists across disciplines, I believe in collaborating with an open heart and a willingness to learn.

In creative consultations:

With solid research skills and the ability to see both the ‘big picture’ and the finer details, I will work to support your creative project/program to ensure that it reaches its full potential. I have strong partnerships with a diverse network of artists, publishers and arts industry professionals, which will prove invaluable for sourcing performers and partners to take your creative project to the next level.

Work with me. Let me work for you. Let’s create together. 

2 thoughts on “Services

    1. Oh goodness. I’m glad to have been in the running– there are so many gorgeous poems to choose from, I’m honoured I was being considered! Hope you have a wonderful day. Stay inspired 🙂

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