Community. Creativity. Collaboration.

A seasoned spoken word artist, author and land artist, Sheniz offers various spoken word, creative writing and land art workshops for children, youth and adults.

Sheniz enjoys partnering with community organizations to develop tailored programs to respond to their unique needs. She assists participants in finding their voices, channeling their creativity, and collaborating together to create unique, meaningful work. Sheniz’s workshops focus on social justice, questions for ancestors, heart mapping and nature reconnection.

Sheniz holds an Artist Educator Mentor certificate from the Royal Conservatory, Toronto. She has an up-to-date police check and is authorized to work with the vulnerable sector (a copy of the police check is available upon request).

To download Sheniz’s Creative Mentorship Services Brochure, click here:Sheniz Janmohamed Mentorship Services

To download Sheniz’s Full Workshop/Retreat Brochure, click here: ShenizJanmohamed_EBrochure



“You worked so patiently and brilliantly with my students and also most respectfully; you never talked down to them, you raised them up. It was also most satisfying to see a number of students emerge and shine as writers, storytellers and performers. In the end, every one engaged to a level he or she could rise to and beyond.”

Carole Mandel, Grade 8 teacher

“Wow!  What an exciting week of Spoken Word activities, exploration, and performance my grade 8 students and I have just wrapped up with Sheniz Janmohamed.

There was magic in my classroom this week, and I find it hard to pinpoint exactly which part of the experience was the most magical.

Sheniz set the tone of trust and respect within her first moments in my classroom, which opened up a safe space where 13 and 14 year olds were willing to take risks as they opened up to their peers in telling stories of their personal histories, heritage and passions.

Sheniz guided the kids seamlessly through a process that started with the seed of an idea based on a treasured object they had each brought in. This gradually blossomed into written work, and finally came to fruition with Spoken Word pieces done in small groups and presented to their peers and teachers.

The whole process was also peppered with lively improv-style activities which kept things fun and upbeat, and helped the kids learn how to transform their ideas into a final Spoken Word performance.  She provided time for rehearsal and feedback from peers as well as her constructive input, which helped to build their confidence and to feel prepared.

Sheniz is a natural in the classroom. With her guidance, my students were engaged and excited and challenged, and in the end, so proud of what they were able to accomplish.

As a teacher, I have been inspired and energized by the great experience Sheniz brought to us, and after 27 years in the classroom, that’s a really good thing!”

Cathy Dunne, Grade 8 teacher


“In planning her workshops, Ms. Janmohamed took care to consult with myself and other members of the team to ensure that the workshops were tailored to the diverse skill levels and interests of the participants.”

“Building trust within these communities can be a challenge due to the fear of HIV-related stigma and discrimination. However, Ms. Janmohamed’s knowledge, expertise, and facilitation methods allowed her to connect with the participants on a holistic level in a relatively short amount of time, and inspired the women to disclose their personal stories of struggle and resilience openly and without fear of judgment.

Ms. Janmohamed not only demonstrated expertise in teaching storytelling craft, but also maturity, understanding, and kindness which fostered strong connections with the participants. Her presence helped encourage a warm, supportive, and creative learning environment…”

Shazia Islam, PHA Support Coordinator, ASAAP (Alliance for South Asian Aids Prevention)


“Sheniz is a gifted creative writer who has a unique ability to break down what most of us see as a complicated and involved process into simple digestible steps. She was able to create a safe and extremely warm space where we could share our visions and dreams and explore different ways to express ourselves creatively…She has a gentle way of guiding the students to push themselves, to share more, to delve more deeply and to reflect. My writing techniques have improved dramatically..”

-Toni De Mello, participant


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