Full Circles

September is upon us.

The humid days of summer are over, evenings are getting cooler, and the leaves are beginning to turn. While many mourn the end of summer, I look forward to the productive days of autumn. The blaze of colours, the busyness of the school season, the crunch of leaves underfoot. It signifies new beginnings and the release of patterns and cycles that have come to fruition.

This September will mark 10 years since my first book, Bleeding Light, was written. When I look back at what I was going through during the process of writing that book, I’m slightly astounded to acknowledge the fact that I’m going through something similar with the current book I’m writing. Sometimes we think we’ve let go of an old way of being or believing, but our minds have just become more tricky at disguising what’s really going on. That’s the power of art, though, to actively and creatively acknowledge what may be too painful to see otherwise.

Speaking of painful, this September will also mark one year since my pacemaker replacement surgery. Truly a time to take stock of what it means to recover, in all its manifestations.

So, here’s to deep breaths and evening fires. Here’s wrapping our worries up in shawls, and standing outside to witness the leaves fall. Here’s to a busy season of creating and teaching.

Here’s to, how ever reluctantly, letting go.

What are you looking forward to this autumn?

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