A Package of Inspiration

Dear Friends,

Well, what can I say. This year has been a challenging one, hasn’t it?

Every day, things seem to get worse- especially when we’re tuned in to every form of media possible. It makes it impossible to step away from the grief, frustration and anger many of us are feeling. It is important to sit with those emotions, but let’s not forget that we still have a lot to give. We have a lot of work to do.

It can begin by acknowledging our privilege and stepping up for our friends, neighbours and communities.  (Tweet this)

It can begin by offering goodness and kindness.

It can begin with sitting with friends and sharing what inspires us and motivates us.

In the spirit of this need for renewal and reflection, I’d like to offer packages of inspiration to those who would like to order them. Each package will be tailored for you, and will include prompts, images, and tiny delights to remind you to find gratitude in the little things.

The $25 package will include a signed copy of my latest poetry collection, Firesmoke. Each package is a gathering of materials I have handpicked, so supplies are limited.

Fill out the form below and let me start crafting the perfect inspiration package for you.

Holiday Inspiration packages.jpg

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