Magic Returns in March


As I write this, I’m laughing at the fact that there is an impending snowstorm on the horizon. March is a month that houses the first day of spring and the last snowstorm of the year.  There’s alchemy in that. Magic, even. The magic of transformation. The magic of possibility, and as someone very aptly pointed out to me, physics.

In March, the sun burns hot enough for us to believe winter is over. Snowflakes flutter down from the sky.  In March, we are in a state of flux, an in-betweenness, a liminality of sorts.  We stand at the threshold of spring and yet the bitter winter wind still blows.

I find that an in-between month like March calls for a letting go and a calling forth. What do we want to remember about winter? what do we want to let go of? What do we hope to plant in spring? What will bloom?

This is a perfect time to clear out the junk of our lives and re-focus our minds and hearts on the work that challenges us,  inspires us, brings us joy and deepens our connection to those around us. For me, it is a time to purge (we are selling my childhood home and I’m trying to let go and not be dragged)  rejuvenate (nature walks, anyone?) and re-connect (building community in person instead of online).

I like to create mood boards and intentions for different seasons, and spring is no different. On the spring equinox, I join my dear friend and collaborator, Nadiya Virani, to offer our “Envision Spring: Mood Board Workshop”.  Nadiya is an astoundingly talented graphic designer who creates beautiful mood boards for her clients and her own creative process. When she shared her winter mood board with me, I was so inspired that I created my own! This is going to be a fun workshop. If you’re in town, join us.

If you’re not,  you can still envision your spring.

Imagine that spring has arrived.

Where are you?  What are you doing? Creating? Who are you with? What do you hear? feel? taste? What colours do you see?

Write down everything that comes to mind (words, symbols, phrases, feelings, goals, ideas). Imagine your spring 2016 as a colour. Is it lavender? grass green? golden yellow?  Choose an object or image of your spring colour ( dried lavender, a photo of an open field, a golden citrine, a paint chip even). Place it somewhere where you can see it every day- on your desk, in your pocket, wallet, or bag.

Let that colour be a reminder of all the things you’d like to achieve and experience this spring.

What colour is your spring?

May your March be magical,





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