The Ghazal Project: Week One


Well, this was a challenging one folks, seeing as how it’s been snowing on and off this week, and my ghazal  prompts are all about….spring.

My first prompt was a question, “If spring had a colour, it would be…” (Feel free to use this prompt for a writing exercise/journal prompt)

Week 1

I had some unique, stunning responses– from beryl to blush– but citrine won out!

To read/hear my first ghazal of my Ghazal Project challenge, look no further:



What is the Ghazal Project? 

In celebration of National Poetry Month:  Every Monday in April, I will post a prompt for my facebook & instagram followers, and will choose one of their responses (namely, a word), to create a refrain for an original ghazal— which I will write, record and publish to be read and heard on Friday.  Tune in on Monday for the next prompt! 


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