There is a reason why I chose this particular greeting this year– because as cliche as it may sounds, it’s something that should not be a cliche greeting.

I believe creating, fostering and developing ‘peace on earth’ is something that requires action. It’s an aspiration. A call. Not a passive greeting. This is a radical call for action.

There’s so much shit piling up in the world and it’s incredibly easy to be cynical, antagonistic and polarized. I know this because I feel cynical, antagonistic and polarized almost every day. It’s a heaviness in my head, a pang in my stomach, a cry in my throat. It’s another news story, another hashtag, another call for arms/war/hate.

But I have to keep asking myself– what we can do to counteract it? What can I do? Maybe it’s as simple as NOT doing what comes easy– but doing the hard work of examining how I create discord in my own life and mind.

Maybe it’s as simple as giving people something to enjoy or be inspired by. It doesn’t have to be something unattainably noble. It can be something simple, something ordinary, something that adds up.

So here’s to peace as a verb.


Click on the link below for full size colouring page.

 Holiday Colouring Page-

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Gratitude to Nadiya V Design for this beautiful custom-made design.

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